Damn my toes are cold

Discussion in 'Riding Gear' started by klr650, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. klr650

    klr650 New Member

    So it's been snowing, raining, hail, icy roads, temps in the 30's and this is in SW Washington, it's not supposed to be like this. And I've been upgrading my '01 KLR and have wanted to check everything out.

    I've installed a Laser Duro Pro Exhaust, upped to stage 2 on the jetting, taller shield, stainless front brake line, anti vibe mirrors (xl 650's), new front springs, 16 tooth c/s sprocket and a couple other things.

    So this morning the snow is off the roads, leaving sand and salt, but the sun is out (bank said 35) and I thought I'd go out for a while try things out and the bike is great, everything works (nothing fell off, including the rider) but while I'm warm and comfortable everywhere else my feet held back my length on time on the bike to about a hour and a half.

    I'm wearing Gaerne Explorers and a pair of thermal boot socks and a pair of wool socks over them. So a long story to get to the question, does anyone have a better suggestion for keeping the feet warm (other than electric)?

    Appreciating any help, Thanks!
  2. Greg J

    Greg J New Member

    I just can't resist - a BMW twin...

    never had cold feet on mine... :)

    Otherwise rain booties, nylon or rubber will make a big difference. I've a pair of Derri boots that are great too. Waterproof and warm. A nice step up from rubber gumboots, which also work well. (Lots of room for more socks in them.)

    see http://www.johngrahamandco.co.uk/system/index.html at the bottom of the page for Derri. Great in my pre-BMW days. Still have a pair twenty years old and they're fine - but haven't been worn in ten years.
  3. filmagic

    filmagic New Member

    Pantyhose. It's an old motorcycle cop trick. They work great in cold weather, but you've got a lot of 'splainin to do if they undress you at the hospital.
  4. klr650

    klr650 New Member

    Just wanted to say thanks for the responses both on & off the list.

    While as appealing wearing nylons, what shade would go with the Green/Silver of the KLR?, I just can't ask the spouse for underwear, and if I bought some, well the problems could be serious.

    As I'm again getting closer the the plastic pants stage of my life (funny how life is really just a circle, isn't?) I might as well start with plastic socks and go up from there.

    Actually I've tried a pair of neoprene booties I have for my waders, though a little thick and a pair of silk sock liners I've been more than comfortable, except for the bulk when walking but who wants to walk when you have a bike.
  5. imperial

    imperial New Member

    Try a plastic shopping bag on your feet, sounds kinda quirky I admit, but you'll be suprized at how well they help retain heat, also they really help when trying to get your boots off ... you will find your feet just slip right out. There is a down side mind you, and that is your feet may sweat more.
  6. Som

    Som New Member

    A few things I've done to keep those tootsies warmer is get you a pair of Kempex snowmachine hand warmers. seems like if you can keep your hands warm, that helps in keeping everything else warm.

    (if you're man enough) :) wear some nylons under your socks. I know --- I know. that's a trick my brother showed me skiing. helped tons. just don't tell anyone you're wearing them.

    don't know if you can do this in your KLR, but I built some wind deflectors for my Transalp. that seemed to help tons too.

    I live in Idaho, so I feel your pain. good luck.

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