Crash and bent KLR forks...

Discussion in 'Crashes' started by Pascal, Jun 29, 2012.

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    If you want a KLR cheap I know just the guy for you.

    You see I just came back from a week long trip 5000km to James Bay (look it up under Radisson, PQ) and my budding tested my mechanical and medical skills. He had a little mishap at 90kph in a gravel road (crushed stones over there and 2 hour from the nearest hospital) --- opened a knee up (6 stitches) and did a nice job on his 97 KLR. Still drivable, mind you, cause we are cheap and didn't want to tow a KLR for 2000km. So for those interested 1 KLR bent forks, no unscratched plastics.

    BTW Givi bags were on the bike and survive amazingly well (no leaking whatsoever).

    Just my little rambling for today...

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