Coorong to Beachport - 160km beach and dune ride

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    For those that don't know the Coorong is a huge spit of sand stretching from the River Murray Mouth all the way to Kingston.

    DAY 1:

    It was a long (4hr) 240km ride from my place to the Coorong sitting on 65km/hr with the CT110 postie bike.

    The first leg of the trip was from 42mile crossing to Kingston a 65km ride along the beach. The first bit of sand I encountered was the dune crossing at 42mile crossing to get to the beach. The postie dug down in the soft sand and I had to push it 200 meters to the top of the dune. From there it was downhill all the way to the beach.

    I powered through the soft sand and onto the harder compacted sand where the waves had just been. The sand was nice and compacted and I was able to cruise at 60km/hr along the beach. Much better than expected for a 110cc postie!

    Just before sunset I stopped for a few photos....



    Just before reaching Kingston there is a small river crossing. Not knowing how deep it was I set up my camera and crossed it and then crossed it back again to retrieve the camera. All went ok on the video but then I went to cross it again the bike stalled and I had to get my feet wet pushing it out.


    So with wet feet I rode off to the local Kingston service station and fuelled up. Then I headed off and found a nice camping spot in some dunes with really nice grass to lay out the swag and about 1 million mozzies to share it with!
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    Nice photos, great to see the postie bike could go through most of the sand! Did you need to take reserve fuel?
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    I'm only up to the first day. There's still another 3 days of photos!

    I only hit reserve on the 4.5L tank once and that was from Murray Bridge to Salt Creek. Happened along the highway that follows the Coorong where suddenly there is this really steep hill. Same hill I remember struggling up on our East Coast ride due to the XR250L carby over supply of fuel problem. Come to think of it weren't we planning to ride the coorong on that trip until the XR started playing up?
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    DAY 2:

    Kingston to Robe along the beach was slightly more technical than the Coorong. Here's a huge whalebone as soon as you get back onto the beach from Kingston.


    Oh and here's seal a bit further down the beach who was looking a bit sick.


    Further down the beach the seaweed got getting thicker and thicker. Climbing over piles of seaweed with the postie seemed to be ok at until I hit a real soggy patch and bogged right down. Had to pull the bike backwards to try and clear some of the seaweed from underneath it.

    The next part wound it's way around some rugged coastline and would have been fairly straightforward and fun on most other bikes however this is where the postie was put to it's first test. The beach was really steep and had deposited some really soft sand and I was down to 1st gear and jumping off and the bike a pushing down the whole beach and riding through a lot of salt water. Around a few more points more pushing and then it was back to some harder sand.

    I reached the Robe Long Beach and found a nice freshwater stream to wash of some of the salt and sand. Long beach was nice and easy and I reached Robe in time for some lunch.


    After lunch I found the best place on earth to ride (and most challenging on a postie bike). Robe to Beachport was a maze of 4x4 tracks, sand dunes and beaches. Awesome place to ride! Here are some photos.


    Bogged on a dune.

    Looking back on one of the beaches that I had just conquered.


    I made the decision to follow the roads from here rather than the beach. It was pretty challenging for the postie and the next section down towards the SA/Vic border was remote and looked even harder than the section I managed to complete from Robe to Beachport.
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    Nice photos! But just wondrin', if your bike is a single seater, who's taking the photos?
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    Your trip review was charming and definitely useful. Thank you! I experienced studying it. You seem to travel the way I like to, plenty of strolling and experiencing the landscape.

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