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Discussion in 'Riding Gear' started by Wallace, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. Wallace

    Wallace New Member

    anyone have a favorite cold weather neck protection? i'm looking but haven't found too much out there, and waht i've seen dosen't inpress me much. something that is water proof and wind block, that goes up to and under the helmet and down inside or over the jacket.
  2. Jeffb

    Jeffb New Member

    I have been using the wind triangle from Aerostich for years and now I won't leave home without it! and look at the neck protection area.

    Also, I keep a silk balaclava in my tank bag that I can put on in really cold weather, yet it takes up almost no space. I have a fleece one I use for snowmobiling but it is a little bulky under the helmet...

    It works in the temperate climate of Minnesota!
  3. Johno

    Johno New Member

  4. motuu

    motuu New Member

    I am using an bandana, that is used at Skiing and stuff. It is pretty thin, but still keeps the wind and cold out from your neck. You can also easily breath with it over your mouth. Go check if your stores have these.
  5. Dalek

    Dalek New Member

    On top of a neck warmer, I also use heated socks and gloves; I myself am hopeless in cold weather, since I have bad blood flow to my hands and feet. I also wear long-johns under my leather when it's really cold. I'm an ardent biker who will go out in anything :D
  6. jayjacinto

    jayjacinto Member

    I rely on my jacket's turtle collar closed up, a jacket closed underneath, and a turtle neck sweats under.
  7. haponing

    haponing New Member

    Look for a double duty neck protection for winter riding to keep your neck/throat warm. Or, if you want a lighter fabric, a black diamond balaclava will do. Neck gaiter is also ideal (especially from SmartWool) no itch and no smell of wool. :)
  8. the future

    the future New Member

    I've had good luck with the Under Armour Hood. Breathable and warm!
  9. Ian Renz

    Ian Renz New Member

    Try using the Arabian desert scarf, commonly known as a "keffiyeh" or "shemagh". They have been used by Bedouin tribes for ages, and now these scarves are standard-issue to American, British and Canadian forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are made from 100% cotton and measure 42'' x 42''. The company called "Rothco" makes really good quality ones, for about $12 from

    I use them all the time, since they function both as wind/cold protection, and sun protection and heat protection (when soaked in water on a hot day).

    Here's a link.

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