Choosing a touring bike

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Manuals' started by Anders O, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. Anders O

    Anders O New Member

    I am new to the list and was hoping for some wise advice on what to look for in a new/used bike for touring. If you have a favorite web or book resource you can post, that would be great! What do y'all think of Bill Stermer's book?
  2. Paul

    Paul New Member

    For a low cost adventure touring bike, the KLR650 is hard to beat. For something more pleasant on the highways and two-up, but still capable of dirt roads, the R1100GS or R1150GS is a good choice. Airhead GS's also have a huge following, especially when traveling to locales where repair shops are not going to be on every corner. Some folks have done well with F650GS's as well.

    Really depends on your budget, the road surfaces you plan to be touring on, how long/remote your trip(s) will be, and how much gear weight and/or passenger weight you will be carrying.
  3. Lauren

    Lauren New Member

    What kind of touring are you going to do? It seems a given that it would be Adventure Touring, but that means different things to different people. Are you going to want to go out of the way places? Forein countries? Off-pavement? Off-road? Two-up? Solo? Long distance? Local?

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