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Discussion in 'Camping' started by jon, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. jon

    jon New Member

    I'm easing myself back into motorcycling after 10 years or so, and I'm going to take some trips(modest compared to many of your trips) with my ancient 1982 Suzuki SP500 dual sport machine. I need to have compact gear, as this machine doesn't have much room. Any tips on a good, small cooking stove, and maybe some pros and cons about the different fuel types? I'll be by myself, so it needs to be a one burner for sure. Also I better get some kind of sleeping pad (for these 46 year old bones). How about tents? I would need a 1-2 person, and rain is always possible here in Washington State. Also a super compact sleeping bag( for summer and maybe some spring time use). Any suggestions about tank bags etc? There is pretty well nothing out there as far as bolt-on saddle bags or racks for this older machine. A street tank bag would be grossly oversized. I put a Clarke Mnfg. 3.7 gallon fuel tank on this bike, as the old one had only 2.7 gallon capacity, and had a rust hole in it too.

    I plan one or two shorter trips on a shakedown basis, then maybe a couple of trips a little longer. Thanks for your input, I figured this was the list to ask for help.
  2. caldwell

    caldwell New Member

    For a pillow I have had good luck with using a polarfleece stuff sack stuffed with a sweater or some such bulky item.

    Other wise check out REI or Adventure 16 or some of the other outdoor gear shops Thermarest (well really cascde designs) used to make something like that.

    When I know it's going to be dry I'll bring a pillowcase from home and fill it up with a sweater works the same as the stuff sack but feels more comfortable at night.
  3. walter

    walter New Member

    Eureka Apex 2. I like mine alot. $140 normally... I see that are selling for about $60 at the moment on sale. 7' 6"x 5' and 3 '6" high. Packs to about 14" x 5". Nice tent
  4. Doug G

    Doug G New Member

    The NorthFace No Hitch Pitch system is great. I may be dating myself (the follow info may be obsolete) I have a 2-3 person Tadpole that sets up in 30 second. You literally shake it like a table cloth, attach the rain fly and it is up. I think it was nearly $200USD about 8 years ago.
  5. Bob S

    Bob S New Member

    I got one of those Hostel type "sleep sheets" at REI. It has a built in pillow case at the top end where i stuff my fleece jacket. Works just fine. I use the sleep sheet as a bag liner, as it's easier to wash a sheet than a sleeping bag.

    Another solution that worked for a while for me was to use one of those "complimentary" pillows that they give out on the airlines. It stuffs down very small, and works well as a pillow, but i abandoned it in favor of the jacket, because it eliminated one more item.

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