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  1. MichaelG

    MichaelG New Member

    I'm looking for a pair of boots, but I don't want a soft road boot and I don't want a super stiff motorcross boot. Any suggestions for a boot that will protect well against thrown rocks but you can walk in? Does anyone make a "dual-sport" boot? Thanks.
  2. Mike S

    Mike S New Member

    Try click on "footwear"

    I've heard of many people who love this boot. I've never tried it myself. I'm in a pair of Alpinestar Tech 5 boots. They are a little toward the motocross boot.
  3. Bob S

    Bob S New Member

    Well, this one's easy. The Aerostitch "Combat Touring Boots" (after which this list was originally named) were developed precisely to fit that niche. They are excellent boots made by Sidi for Aerostitch. One drawback. I've had mine for 8 months and a lot of miles, including a 5 week tour of europe, and while the uppers are certainly broken in, the soles are very stiff. They still aren't good for any extensive walking, although they are WAY better than any Motocross boots. I think the soles may be deliberately made of some stiff material, so I don't know if they'll ever get to be good hiking boots. I just carry a pair of walking shoes in my saddle bag and change when I want to do extensive walking.
  4. Zan

    Zan New Member

    A little!?! I have these boots too. They _are_ MX boots! But I love them. Pretty comfy and great protection. I had my toe bend down around the peg with the Sympatex boots. Once was enough. Don't get me wrong, though, the Sidi's are great for dirt roads and all weather touring. I just wouldn't bounce around rocky-rooted trails with them... too often... If I was goingon a multi-day-1000 mile + ride, I'd probaby take the Sidi's. I tried on a friend's pair of Combat tourers and found them to be too stiff for comfortable walking. And they made shifting difficult, much like a MX boot. In fact, if they had 2 more buckles and a little metal toe protector, I'm not sure there would be distinguishable differences between the combat tourer and a mx boot. That being said, I'm sure they get better after break in, that just may take forever. The Sympatex were comfortable out of the box. As were the tech 5's. Just in a different way. (I'd hate to have to walk far with those on! They're like ski boots!)
  5. KarenC

    KarenC New Member

    The best boot by far is the BMW Kalahari boot. It is totally waterproof, very protective, and comfortable enough to walk around in all day. I wore mine for two weeks this summer on a trip to Colorado. They held up to dual sport rides, mountain passes, walking through snow, etc. They are awesome!
  6. John C

    John C New Member

    I use Sidi Tae Flex Motorcross boots all the time and I find them very comfortable to walk in as they are hinged at the ankle. They are a bit expensive though.
  7. Pascal

    Pascal New Member

    Here are my 2 cents worth. After some good research and help from the GS mailing list I came to the conclusion that the BMW Kalahari boots were the best compromised for me. Looked at the Combat boots but the fact that they are not totally waterproof and just as expensive as the Kalahari ruled them out. They are armored, totally waterproof (tested) and quite comfortable to walk in after the breaking in period. Made in Italy and sold by BMW in America those are what I recommend to all of my friends...

    The Combat boots might be a good choice as well, they were my second choice.

    Keep the shiny side up.
  8. Arne

    Arne New Member

    I second this. I have a pair of Kalahari's and use them both off road and street. They are (as was mentioned) completely waterproof - thanks to their built-in Gortex liner. The boot is black leather, has a steel toe, shin and ankle protection. The boot basically provides the protection of an MX boot without looking hardcore.
  9. Dannny

    Dannny New Member

    Aerostich comes to mind, Combat Touring boots. Only problem comes to mind is that they do not advertise them as waterproof but resistant.
  10. MikeB

    MikeB New Member

    With all of the talk about boots and jackets I'm surprised nobody mentioned Alpinestars, Joe Rocket or Hein Grericke. Are they garbage or what? I'm thinking about getting new boots and a jacket and the dealer by me carries these brands. I tend to spend much more time on the street than trail.

    Also commute on the bike and motorcross boots would be kind of tacky in the office :) Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  11. Mike S

    Mike S New Member


    I'm very happy with my Tourmaster Cortech Jacket. No complaints so far.....
  12. MichaelG

    MichaelG New Member

    After weighing all of the boot choices I was presented, I actually chose one that no one suggested, the Sidi Trial Zero.

    I felt the Sidi Sympatex wasn't rugged enough for DS. The BMW is very cool but VERY expensive. I like the CTB, but I've given enough money to
    aerostich recently (and happy that I did so).

    The trial zero seems to be a CBT plus. It has Sidi's great rachet buckles (I have several of their cycling shoes) and a shin guard. It is beefy enough, but still ok to walk in. It isn't waterproof, but neither is anything else acording to several recent magazine tests. In any case it isn't anything a little Nik-Wax won't cure.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. This is a very informative thread.
  13. Wayne

    Wayne New Member

    Just an idea. What I use is a pair of goretex socks (usually about $20-30 USD). So far I've never had a problem with my feet getting wet and if you use a hiking boot they block the wind so your feet stay warmer.
  14. jayjacinto

    jayjacinto Member

    I use Alpinestar boots. I wanted all of my gear to be uniform, so..

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