bmw f700gs 18 tooth sprocket review

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by Caindawg, Jun 21, 2013.

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    Hey All, just wanted to post a review of the 18 tooth sprocket i purchased for my BMW F700GS, I purchased this bike a couple months ago and I love everything about it except the vibration or buzzing feel at higher speeds ( at 70 MPH and above). I found an 18 tooth sprocket at touratech and had it installed at my local dealer (was recomended for warranty issues) install cost me $60.00, which i didnt think was bad at all. anyway this did the trick, it dropped the rpms about 350 to 400 at 70 adn above. the bike feels alot more relaxed and my fuel milage has increased also. I havnt noticed any power lose in the lower gears either, however i dont shift as much in town anymore, running in a lower gear due to rpm change. It feels like I have gained another gear. anyway it is a great product, even the tech at BMW was impressed by how meaty this sprocket is.

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