Bike-to-Bike communication radios

Discussion in 'Tools, Accessories & Spares' started by Billy, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Billy

    Billy New Member

    I'm wondering what kind of bike to bike communication radios anyone is using and found to be satisfactory and can be connected to M/C 12V.

    We rigged up CB Radios in the 70's - 80's on road bikes with acceptable results but speed equalled more noise. "B-2-B" was very useful on some long-distance Dual-Purpose bike vacation travels. ...I've been away from B-2-B a few years, more travelling alone but beginning to find other retired riders of like interest in finding something lighter, smaller, remote push-to-talk button, etc.
  2. JeffF

    JeffF New Member

    I was looking into this recently and it appears that Autocom is decisively superior to anything else out there. It's also more expensive than everything else I found.

    They have, I think, three different models in escalating feature set. Their comparison matrix is pretty good. Check out some of their demo videos, their noise-cancellation seems to work extremely well.
  3. jbixby

    jbixby New Member

    Been using the AutoComm for about 5 years now, can't live without it now! The integration of components works flawlessly. I like having the radar detector over-ride everything else! The IPod comes in smooth and clear, and being able to communicate is a definite advantage!

    I was riding with my buddies in CO this summer , on Hwy 134 from Toponas to Kremmeling, as leader and came around an off-camber, uphill right-hander when I observed the line filled with marble sized rocks. I took the inside line, immediately let the guys behind me know that there was a hazard in that corner. They guys that were hooked up knew about it and were able to correct their corner entry. I then let them know a large SUV was coming from the other direction and to be careful! The last guy in line (wasn't hooked up) got caught in the debris just as the SUV was hitting the apex. He lost control inn the slippery stuff and his beautiful '03 FZ-1 slid out and was run over by the truck. Luckily he separated himself from the bike in time to slide past the rear of the vehicle! The truck ran over his bike totaling it, luckily my friend was unscathed! The guy just in front of him swore that he would have slid right into the path of the truck if he had not been forewarned...

    We all agreed that the investment in comm. equipment was made worthwhile (to say the least) after the incident!!!

    Baehr makes a comparable unit and the people that own them swear by them as well. Big with the BMW crowd. A little more expensive than the AutoComm...

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