Bike to Bike Communication Radios

Discussion in 'Riding Gear' started by CJ, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. CJ

    CJ New Member

    I'm wondering what kind of bike-to-bike communication radios anyone is using and found to be satisfactory and can be connected to the motorcycle 12V.

    We rigged up CB Radios in the 70's - 80's on road bikes with acceptable results but speed equalled more noise. It was very useful on some long-distance Dual-Purpose bike vacation travels. I've been more of a solo rider but I'm beginning to find other retired riders of like interest in finding something lighter, smaller, remote push-to-talk button, etc.
  2. Zan

    Zan New Member

    I was looking into this recently and it appears that Autocom is decisively superior to anything else out there. It's also more expensive than everything else I found...

    They have a few different models in escalating feature set. Their comparison matrix is pretty good. Check out some of their demo videos, their noise-cancellation seems to work extremely well.

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