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Discussion in 'Riding Gear' started by Terry, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Terry

    Terry New Member

    Greetings from new rider of Kawasaki Sherpa. So far I've had a great experience riding mostly on street but also on some mountain dirt roads.

    Here's a question with surely more than one answer: I'm about to invest in good textile gear, and I think saving on protection isn't a good idea. Given what you know about gear protection so far, if you had to buy only one set of gear to wear year round and be able to ride (almost) anywhere, anytime, what would be your best pick?
  2. Phil

    Phil New Member

    My choice would be (is, actually) Aerostich Darrien.
  3. Douglas

    Douglas New Member

    Im extremely happy with my Firstgear Kilimanjaro jacket. I rode for 3 1/2 hours into a headwind with a driving rain at about 40 degrees F and the Firstgear kept me dry and reasonably warm.
  4. Vick

    Vick New Member

    You didn't say what part of the globe you reside on. I'm from Michigan and we have 2 seasons. Hot and cold. On hot days I like a breeze and wear a Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket and pants. On cold days, I wear my Aerostich Darien and pants with or without a liner depending on the day. I also have the electric jacket liner for the Darien for the really cold days.

    Lots of stuff for sale out there and believe me, I've bought a lot. Think about what you really want a use for and go with the only saying that works. "Function before Fashion" If you're uncomfortable with what you wear, you're still uncomfortable > while looking good.
  5. Mss

    Mss New Member

    I just received my high Visual Yellow and Black First Gear Kilimanjaro II Jacket at my door step last Friday and just love it. It is everything everyone says and more and I got a great deal I'm looking forward to my next purchase of the First Gear Overpants thanks to everyone on the lists for their recommendations.
  6. ricard

    ricard New Member

    Aerostich, no doubt about it!!! great riding
  7. Terry

    Terry New Member

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I was actually considering FG Kilimanjaro (today I tried on the Air (mesh) version at Happy Trails) and Aerostich Darien. Glad to hear others like them too. Whaterver I get, I'm sure it'll work.
  8. sfrank

    sfrank New Member

    The practicality of Aerostitch combined better abrasion resistance than leather, also kevlar mesh available for hot climates. One suit does it all.

    I have a scuba drysuit made from the stretch kevlar material, it is wonderful stuff.
  9. DanP

    DanP New Member

    The last trip on the KLR @end of May early June... .Moab and beyond' departing from the Puget Sound of WA state... included cold riding thru the ID/MT Lolo Pass and Bitteroot passes on south hwy 93 and hot temps of 100 plus at Carlsbad, El Passo, Phoenix and Lost Wages.

    I love my one piece Aerostich Roadcrafter riding sport Touring but NOT for dual sport riding as it limits tortional movement needed for off road and is hot above 80 deg also. IMHO

    This last trip used the JR Phoenix jacket/pants for hot weather from Moab and south and took along a windbreaker and unlined snow pants for light wet weather protection and the coolness of the morning/eve. The Phoenix set along with the Mira Cool vest and Camelback hydro dring unit made the hot rides much more enjoyable and safer to boot. Lots of sunscreen and sunscreen lip balm keeps the skin healthy also. A tinted faceshield with a extra tinted strip at the top and of course a clear one in mandatory IMO. The JR Phoenix does not have the hard plastic impact protection but only foam so that is a minus in protection IMO.

    For the cold weather, took the FG Sirrocho jacket/pants with pants liner that velcroes and zips in and a fleece jacket liner. Boots are the Sidi On Road boots that serve oK as light dual sport boots. The FG outfit was 100% waterproof. One problem with the FG is I have a lARGE neck that goes along with being 6'3" and 260 lbs and the velcro neck strap on the jcket was not long enough and would not secure properly.

    So taking one more stuff sack I was able to have two riding outfits for cold and hot weather. It worked great but was also was not carrying cooking/camping gear so space was easily availble for the 2nd riding outfit.
  10. jayjacinto

    jayjacinto Member

    Alpinestar. I've been using mine for like 3 years now, crashed two times with it, and I have relied on 'em ever since. I wear Alpinestar from head to toe.. err.. well I use Shoei helmet..
  11. the future

    the future New Member

    Came in here to post this! Aerostich is my favorite

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