Avon Distanza tyre problems?

Discussion in 'Rubber' started by Franco, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Franco

    Franco New Member

    More problems with Avon?

    I've had two Distanza front tires fail on me in 3,000 miles total. Where the little injection tits are located on the center line of the tread, the rubber cracks open in about a 1/4" circle, and then after a few more miles the little buggers commence to rip off the tire leaving little gouges in the tread. Anybody else. the production code is 4100.
  2. Malcolm

    Malcolm New Member

    I just don't know about these blokes that whinge and moan about bloody tyres...

    I've just been over this lunch time to see Hal at TJ's here in Canberra trying to get hold of a front Distancia to match the rear one (8000 ks now and still bloody great) on my 1150 GS. He told me that the Avon rep said that Avon was still 'developing' the front Distancia and didn't have any in Oz at present. I did mention to him that they have been available overseas for some months but he still said they are not here yet. My current front is an AV33 which has done 16000 ks now and still sticks like shit to a blanket (touch wood...).

    I don't spare my tyres and ride them to the max, bitumen or dirt. At the risk of sounding slightly paranoid, I'll admit to checking the tyres every day, but hey, they are Avons after all. So far no probs.

    Therefore, I must admit to not having any experience with the new Distancia front, however if they're anything like the experience I've had from the rear then I'll have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants a heavy duty sports-touring-all purpose tyre.

    As there are no front Distancias available it looks like I'll fit another AV 33 shortly as I prefer them to Michelin or Metzeler on bitumen wet or dry and I find them far better on dirt or gravel than the others. I won't try the Pirellis again...

    Still thanks for the warning
  3. Gregory

    Gregory New Member

    I agree, nothing wrong with avons. I also agree with checking the air pressure regularly. I check the pressure every time I get on the bike and run them hard. 42 rear 36 front. harder if two up or loaded.
    I got 24, 000 km out of my last AV33 front - although I do spend most of my time upside down :eek:

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