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    7500 course designed specifically for adventure bikes
    Dates : 28th July 2012 till 10th AUGUST 2012
    COST : $1135 for early entry before 31st January 2012 Pay $200 deposit to secure your entry.
    Entry form link :

    Rally information Document link:

    Some unique points about the rally.
    1. The course is a big loop and there are seven starting points that enables riders to start at point close to them.
    2. Riders are to carry camping equipment because at 5-30 pm each day the riders need to stop riding.
    3. Riders carry a satelitte tracking device so there friends and family can follow them on the internet.
    4. Gps units are used to navigate the course.

    This has been described by many as the ultimate ride because a rider can go at there own pace and can get to see fantastic parts of Australia that include three deserts, 2000 km of forests and snow in the high country.

    Here is a link where you can see hundreds of photos from the 2011 event.


    For more information please contact: john@australianpropertycentre.net.au

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