Anybody know where to ride SF East Bay area?

Discussion in 'Ride Planning' started by scott, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. scott

    scott New Member

    howdy all, I'm Scott, ride a KLR650, and am new to the area where I live (Berkeley). I'm looking for dirt roads and maybe even a trail to run down, preferably as close as possible. Anybody know good adventure touring (quick sortie style) routes around here?

    The posts I've checked out so far make me believe I'm glad I found the list. I'm looking forward to getting a feel for it.
  2. Bob S

    Bob S New Member

    I haven't found any close in dirt roads around here. You could go out to Carnegie (past Livermore on Corral Hollow Road) for the State OHV Recreation Area. For more adventuresome stuff try the Mendocino National Forest just north of Clear Lake. It's not really very far off. We've gone up there on day rides. There are many, many miles of dirt roads and trails up there, including some OHV recreation areas as well. Oh yeah, up in Tilden Park there's a fire road where the first 100 yards or so is open. I never tried going past the gate though. I suspect if you're caught, the penalty could be severe.

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