Aluminum cases. Would you buy this?

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  1. filmagic

    filmagic New Member

    I have been giving a lot of thought to developing the following product, and was curious, before going any further, if anyone would actually buy it.

    It is a pair of aluminum cases, either 18x6x14 or 18x11x14, with handles and locks, and a universal mounting system to mount them as saddlebags on any bike. The cases would lock to the bike, but be easily removed at night. The entire setup would retail for about $100-120.

    If there is already a similiar product out there, please let me know as well.
  2. John W

    John W New Member

    How on earth could they retail so low? Assuming any quality at all, put me down for a least two sets, one of each size. Boxes of any decent quality that I have found have all been in excess of $500 with mounting hardware
  3. Doug G

    Doug G New Member

    You have one vote here, especially for the price && universal mounting.
  4. SarahB

    SarahB New Member

    Try -- the mounting system isn't quite universal, and I'm not sure if the exact dimensions are what you want, but Tim Bernard is a great guy who would probably be able to manufacture a system for your bike if you asked.
  5. Pirate

    Pirate New Member

    Sounds good if you can get it in at that price. Or even close to it for that matter.
  6. sam

    sam New Member

    They are underpriced. An aluminum camera case will cost around $125.00. It is kinda like a suitcase.
  7. Russell

    Russell New Member

    I think this has to be a put-on...anyone involved in any Adventure Touring has certainly heard of the aluminum cases made by Tourtech, Al Jesse or Happy Trails. And the mounts alone for Happy Trails' paniers cost more that $120.....and BTW, Tim makes good stuff..
  8. JohnM

    JohnM New Member

    Tim Bernard up in Biose ( makes racks that work with Walmart insulated beer coolers! (Which retail for $20 each.) They're featherweight, waterproof, and their capacity is about the same as BMW hard bags.

    I had them on my KLR and they worked brilliantly. If you drop the bike and break a plastic case, you go to Walmart, pay your $20 bucks, and get another one!

    Tim builds for KLRs only, and does superb work. For a few $$$ he (and Progressive Suspension) can pretty well eliminate the KLR's weak points.

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