Aerostitch Warm Wraps

Discussion in 'Riding Gear' started by Wayne, Feb 24, 2002.

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    I recently bought a set of Warm Wraps from Aerostitch--from their web site:

    "These electrically heated grip pads are made of heat and moisture resistant Cordura and securely wrap over your grips with Velcro. Enjoy riding with warm hands on even the coldest days, without having to install replacement electric grips. Current draw is only one amp and they pack away easily in the smallest tank bag. Heated grip pads let you wear lighter gloves for greater control feel on cold days. You can leave them on all winter if you want to. Draws 7 watts/1.2 amps."

    I bought them becauseI have 2 motorcycles and wanted the flexability of using them on both. I have used them for the past onth and I would recommend them. I have had the Kimplex before this and the Aerostitch do not get as hot which is a good thing--they get warm enough to keep your hands warm (I have ridden for over a hour in 30-35F degree temps) without having to switch them on and off--also the heat is the same on both grips where with the Kimplex there is a large difference. No need to add any wiring if you have a battery tender just plug it into the the quick disconnect wires you already have.

    If your looking for some grip warmers and have mulitple bikes they might be for you--and when you sell your bike they go with you.

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