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  1. Squish

    Squish New Member

    I have a set of Alum bags from Happy Trails Seems like a pretty cool deal even if you have to drill your own holes and stuff.

    However I'm pretty creeped out by the simple mounting system. and the fact that it's pretty much just the pannier body that is mounted to the rack.

    The trouble with aluminim is that with vibration it will fail at some point.

    And worrying about this leads to the next part. While monkeying about with the bike getting the bags on. I noticed that the rear turnsignals have this little round rubber gromit dohicky that has a collar that goes through it. And the whole shooting match bolts up to the frame in a way that the turnsignal is not as affected by the bike's bouncing around or the engine vibrations.

    The effect is to allow what ever the rubber gromit is conected to to float around what ever the collar is bolted to.

    Well this system seems to keep my turnsigals from blowing out from the vibration So I went down to my local Honda dealer and ordered myself up some. The parts should be in in time for the weekend. I'm going to mount them up and see if it helps to relieve some of the stress on the bags.
  2. HiCountry

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    Keep in mind that the weight of a full pannier is quite a bit heavier than a plastic turn signal. A short metal tube (sometimes used as spacers on bolts) inserted/welded so that the rubber grommet contacts a larger/smoother surface on the outside (with the bolt running through the hole of the grommet) should suffice. Not sure of your actual design idea, but my experience with rubber contacting metal edges has been marginal. Hope this helps.
  3. Squish

    Squish New Member

    Right. Maybe I didn't make myself clear. The rubber gromit has a steel spacer. That is a tube that goes through the center of the the gromit and a washer that conects the edges. Forgive me for not being able to tell a better story about the part.

    The load bearing part of this system is still steel but allows for a bit of flex in the mounts rather then flex in the bag's wall. If I get a chance I will draw up a diagram if anyone is intrested.

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