BMW 1150GS Adventure 2015-08-05

1130cc 2-Cylinder Air/Oil Cooled

  1. TripSpec
    2005 BMW 1150GS Adventure


    Engine 1130cc 2-Cylinder
    Cooling Air/Oil Cooled
    Transmission 6 Speed Shaft
    Power 87 bhp (63 kW)
    Seat Height 840mm
    Weight (Dry) 229 kg (500 lb)
    Weight (Wet) 253kg
    Fuel Capacity 22L
    Oil Capacity 3.5L
    Fuel Consumption 17.5km/litre
    Top Speed 190km/hr
    Range 385km

    The BMW 1150GS comes in a standard model 1150GS and an Adventure model. The Adventure model has the option of a 30L fuel tank, taller suspension and different gearing ratios. The standard model has an overdrive gear where as the adventure model has a sixth gear.

    Changes to the new model include EVO brakes, increased suspension spring travel, a WP strut, braided steel hoses, ABS that can be turned on or off, a shorter sixth gear and a shorter first gear for the toughest terrain. The windscreen and the tank are also bigger. It also offers a wider range of purpose built accessories and fittings.


    • The engine can now cope with both unleaded and lead petrol. You just need the option coding plug. If you find yourself in a remote area, you can insert the 'coding plug' into a relay box to alter the ignition mapping to cope with a lower grade fuel.
    • A shorter sixth gear than the stock GS and a shorter first gear for the toughest terrain.
    • New "optimised" spring travel and suspension settings to cope with gravel, sand tracks, rough terrain or even Tarmac.
    • The spring travel is up 20mm to 210mm at the front and 220m at the rear.
    • Rear suspension is a WP strut which has suspension deflection-related damping, meaning that the more the spring is compressed the more damping is provided.
    • It comes with EVO brakes, braided steel hoses and ABS (which can be switched off for off-road riding).

    • The screen is bigger, the front mudguard wider and longer and it comes with a foam handlebar crossbrace pad as standard.
    • The bashplate is bigger than on the GS and there’s a 12 volt socket on the dash to link up to a GPS, road book, CD player or reading light.
    • A larger 30 litre tank (standard is 22 litres).
    • There’s an optional luggage system with 105 litres of space in total. This includes a new 75 litre (39 right, 36 left) pair of aluminium panniers and 30 litre top box. The lid surfaces are at the same level of the seat. The attachments also fold out to be used as "suitcases". Waterproof inner bags in panniers.
    • A new single-section seat that can accommodate two people.
    • Curvy cylinder protection brackets
    • Headlamp protector
    • Fog lamps
    • Knobbly tyres for genuine off-road riding
    • BMW ABS II system

    How far can these bikes go?
    • 30,396km - Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman in the movie Long Way Round ride from London to New York - 2004
    • 70,000km - A guy on twitter just clocked this on his 1150GS odometer - 2012